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Allies For The Success Of Your Plastic Surgery Blog 

Allies For The Success Of Your Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is one of the steps to reach our dream on having the body that we have always wanted.

In addition to a successful surgery, there are some allies to have in mind that can greatly help our post-surgical recovery. Remember that you have to strictly follow the doctor’s instructions. For example, medications must be taken on time; massages should be started at the designated time; the movements you should or shouldn’t do; and special instructions regarding meals and drinks must be followed.

One of my favorites is the Hyperbaric Chamber that consists of delivering 100% pure oxygen. It benefits us with the elimination of pain; reduction of the swelling and risk of infection; accelerate the healing process; faster recovery from post-surgical stress; improves the skin’s rejuvenating effect and stimulates Collagen; helps bruises and inflammation to disappear faster; drainage is removed in less time; and aids with retention of the injected fat making the scar more aesthetic.

 Lymphatic Drainage Massages is a great friend and helps to improve circulation, reducing inflammation of tissues, facilitates and accelerates the expulsion of any liquid that accumulates after the procedures to reduce lumps and irregularities.

Post- Surgical Compression Garment, loved by some and hated by others, is extremely important; I recommend using it for three months 24 hours / day and an additional three months for 12 hours / day. The main benefits are: it helps with the adhesion of the skin with the underlying tissues, therefore, helping to decrease the accumulation of fluid (seromas), blood (hematomas), edema and postoperative pain.

Last, but not least, Exercising is very important for many surgical procedures such as abdominoplasty, liposuction, or lipoinyección. Performing proper exercises can bring great results in cases where it would be advisable to lose weight, in addition to the excess skin. In most cases you can start cardiovascular exercises within 4-6 weeks. In the case of liposuction as well as abdominoplasty, you can initiate intense exercise routines within a short time after surgery. However, crunches or exercises where intense contraction of the abdominal muscles is required should be avoided for a period of six months to a year. Within 6-8 weeks of a breast surgery, you may start doing some cardiovascular exercises without raising the arms in the first month.

These tools would optimize the results to be the best version of you. The use of these recommendations must be authorized by your surgeon to whom you should refer throughout the entire process.

Author: Dr. Tania Medina

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