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Risks That Breast Surgery Can Bring Blog 

Risks That Breast Surgery Can Bring

Before surgery, I inform my patients about the consequences and complications that can happen after breast surgery. I am very surprised that some of them prefer to be uninformed because they are scared of the simple fact of knowing about what could happen.

One of the most performed surgeries is breast implants. Each year, an increasing number of patients choose to undergo this procedure. Some complications such as coastal wall collapse can occur when implants are placed in a retro muscular position, which can cause pain and injury to the chest muscles.

Skin rash may occur later, or days after the procedure. However, it can be treated and is usually temporary. Alteration of sensitivity is usually rare but may last up to a year for some patients.

Breast tissue atrophy is most commonly associated with the placement of large implants that can cause subcutaneous tissue pressure after a certain period.

Calcifications occur when there are soluble saline deposits of calcium, causing pain and tightening of the tissue and scar, which mostly ends in the removal of the implant.

Capsular contracture occurs when the tissue heals and becomes thicker than normal and contracts the implant, forming a layer around it, due to the inflammatory reaction of the body. In such cases, the implant must be removed.

Hematomas can appear in any type of surgery. It must be evaluated and removed with great care, or it may lead to an infection and increase of fibrosis.

Frequently, the seromas are an accumulation of fluid in the surgical area, accompanied by edema and pain. This condition may be short or long term and must be drained because it can become encapsulated and chronic.

It is very important to select accredited surgeons/facilities and to be well-informed. Choosing cheaper facilities to save money may result in more expenditure if there are any post-surgery complications.

Author: Dr. Tania Medina

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