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Have you ever Considered Getting a Bichectomy? Authors Blog 

Have you ever Considered Getting a Bichectomy?

How does this type of surgery work?

Cosmetic surgery intended to improve facial features can be done by decreasing the size of the cheeks by making an incision inside the mouth. This reaches fat bags on each side of the mouth and reduces thickness of the face immediately. 

The Bichat Ball approach is based on the anatomical knowledge of the surgeon who will define the direct and precise path for extraction. Bichectomy results in aesthetic facial contours. 

The patient’s degree of adiposity can effect the size of the Bichat Ball. The BGB consists of a main body and four extensions: Oral, Pterygoid, Temporary superficial and Temporary deep. 

Is there an age limit for this procedure?

The procedure is performed more frequently in adolescents and adults. It is not advisable to perform on children because the fat that is stored in these bags serve as a lubricant for the chewing muscles (bucinator and masseter). It provides the rounded look in babies.


There are two ways to extract it depending on anatomical knowledge.

  • External embroidery done through a Face Lift. 
  • The internal or intraoral approach.

Can they develop again or grow on the cheeks?

No. Although fat is not completely extracted, it is not related to the increase or loss of weight of the patient.

Can this procedure be performed more than once?

Yes. If there is dissatisfaction in the patient, in special cases it is advised to remove the fat. This can also be done in combination with the facelift.

What are the possible side effects?

The side effects are classified as immediate and late. 


  • Bruising.
  • Abscess.
  • Transient paresthesia.


  • Facial Nerve Paralysis.
  • Stenosis of the parotid gland duct (STENON).
  • Facial asymmetry.

Can it generate premature aging in the long term?

In most cases, no. Sometimes you can get aging with this operation since there is excessive thinning in certain areas of the face which is directly related to the flaccidity of other areas of the skin. Both flaccid and weak skin give the impression of an aged face.

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Born in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Dr. Emmanuel Pérez performed several technical courses related to medicine such as basic life support, which allowed him to assist as a Community volunteer in several medical operations where it was given. He realized that his real vocation and passion was medicine like his mother (who is also a doctor), so he made the decision to enter the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) to study medicine, where he obtained the degree of Doctor in Medicine.


Author: Dr. Emmanuel Pérez


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