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The Benefits of Medical Tourism Authors Blog 

The Benefits of Medical Tourism

The concept of medical tourism is not a new one. People have been traveling for centuries seeking good health. In the 18th century, Greek pilgrims used to travel to the eastern Mediterranean looking for spas to treat ailments such as tuberculosis and liver disorders.

Medical tourism is known as global health and it refers to people traveling from one country to another to obtain medical treatment. Surgery abroad is a fairly modern phenomenon and started with Americans traveling to Central American countries for “tooth tourism”. Today it is considered a wider term which involves cosmetic surgery, orthopedics, fertility, cardiovascular, weight loss, ophthalmology, stem cell, and even psychiatry treatments.

Multiple factors have led to the increased popularity of medical tourism:
  • Long wait times
  • High costs
  • Easy
  • Affordable
  • Improvements of technology
  • Standards care

In 2017, 1.5 Million Americans traveled to a foreign country for a medical procedure.

The Dominican Republic is recognized as a leader in plastic surgery with patients traveling from all over the world. The reasons behind this success are:
  • High quality medical procedures
  • Private recovery; Most patients appreciate no friends or family dropping in during the healing process
  • Establishments with global standards
  • Medical professionals are trained well and certified by local and international authorities in the American Society of plastic surgeons
  • English is very common among local Dominican facilities so there is no language barrier
  • Most Dominican plastic surgeons will give tailored advice and their team will help you come prepared for surgery and recovery
  • The Dominican Republic has post op care facilities with up-scale standards. These facilities will help you monitor your evolution, help you with the drains, assist with nutritional needs and give massages.
  • Good communication and advanced telephone and internet systems; one of the best in Latin America
  • D.R. has the most frequent flying service in the entire Caribbean. Patients can fly from 63 destinations with 40 airlines; From North America we have non stop flight from 40 airports
Traveling for a cosmetic procedure to the Dominican Republic can be very safe, cost effective and with comparable care to hospitals in the US. Don’t come for the money savings, come for the outstanding results and safety.


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CSTAR International is an innovative platform that aims to provide patrons with easy access to all spheres related to cosmetic surgery and tourism. The interactive website comprises listings of reputable and board-certified Cosmetic Surgeons / Surgery Centers; Accredited All-Inclusive Facilities; outstanding Recovery Centers; and Coordinators (medical tourism facilitators) located in Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Thailand.

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Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) 2002 Post-Medical School Training Residency: General surgery in the General Hospital of the armed forces, 2008 Specialty Sub Specialty in plastic and reconstructive surgery endorsed by the University of Guadalajara UDG 2013


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