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New Life Recovery House, certified and endorsed by the Ministry of Public Health of the Dominican Republic, was born from the need for patients to find a place where they could receive essential post-operative care with experienced doctors and nurses, with the preparation needed to provide the best professional medical care, where they will not only be treated as a family by our staff but also because they get good nutrition and human warmth that will make them feel at home.

We are the only House of Recovery with a Hyperbaric Chamber, where patients will be able to receive oxygen treatment and to obtain a faster recovery with less pain and inflammation.

What We Offer

Hospital Beds

Hospital beds are among our amenities, so that your recovery is more pleasant and less risky, giving you the position you need to make your scarring process de best

Hyperbaric Chamber

We offer Oxygen Treatment for our patients and patients from other recovery houses, as well.

In-House Masseuse

We strive to offer the best service in the market. We have an in-house masseuse for the comfort and convenience of our patients.

In-House Doctor

Your safety is our priority. We have an in-house doctor, to make sure your recovery is going according to your plastic surgeon’s expectations.

24 Hour Nurse

To ensure your recovery is going according to plan and as safe as possible, we have a 24-hour nurse staff to take care of you.

Hyperbaric Chamber

More About Our Hyperbaric Chamber

The Hyperbaric Chamber delivers oxygen carried by your blood at high pressure. As a result, the damaged tissue is repaired and the bruises disappear almost completely (depending on how many sessions).

Country: Dominican Republic