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Recovery Centers/ Houses


We are a Recovery House Center specialized in the care of Post-surgical patients recommended by plastic surgeons in the Dominican Republic. We are certificated and licensed by the Minister of Public Health of Dominican Republic

Country: Dominican Republic
Kindness Recovery House

We offer post-op recovery care with the comfort of home, We cater to those individuals who are traveling to the Dominican Republic for elective surgery or tourism, whichever the occasion may be, Our staff will ensure the needs of each patient are being met. We have a reliable team of caretakers and service providers to meet all of your lodging, transportation and recovery needs, ensuring a high quality and memorable experience. An English-speaking professional is always available, Kindness is our first name, and we follow that with integrity, respect, and consideration.

Country: Dominican Republic

My Home is a recovery and post-surgery care house, devoted to the care and integral management of the medical tourism patient, who is seeking plastic surgery and other specialized medical services in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Our staff who is dedicated to the individualized care of each person, provides physical and emotional support to ensure the well being of the patients in a safe, enjoyable, happy and healthy environment with an emphasis on greenery and nature allowing the successful evolution of each patient throughout their recovery creating a memorable experience to mark the start of his/her new stage.

Country: Dominican Republic

New Life Recovery House, certified and endorsed by the Ministry of Public Health of the Dominican Republic, was born from the need for patients to find a place where they could receive essential post-operative care with experienced doctors and nurses, with the preparation needed to provide the best professional medical care, where they will not only be treated as a family by our staff but also because they get good nutrition and human warmth that will make them feel at home.

Country: Dominican Republic

We specialize in treatments and massages that ensure a better recovery after a surgical procedure. We also deal with all displacement necessary to make your stay a comfortable and relaxing experience.

Country: Dominican Republic