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Procedure and Process

What is the scientific name of the actual hair transplant procedure?

Hair transplantation is a plastic or dermatological procedure. It is scientifically known as organ transplantation.

What type of procedure is it? Describe the procedure

FUE technique and Sapphire technique are used. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique is a hair transplant method in which the doctor extracts the follicular units of hair from the donor area of the patient’s head. In the Fue technique, a comfortable procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Sapphire FUE; is the name of the technique used for opening the micro-channels in hair transplantation. The micro-channels are opened with sapphire blades obtained from natural sapphire crystals. It is a method that does not damage the skin tissue. Since less damage is done to the tissue in hair transplantation with sapphire, the bleeding is less and faster recovery time.

Describe the process

Hair Transplantation Steps:

  1. Right diagnosis and planning: Right planning is the key to successful hair treatment. And while planning the treatment, the essential step is to determine the cause of your hair loss.
  2. The surgeon or an assistant will shave and cleanse the donor area.
  3. After shaving and cleansing, they will mark the scalp and apply local anesthesia.
  4. Once the anesthesia is administered, the surgeon will begin harvesting hair grafts.
  5. Extraction of follicles carefully: This step is crucial; the extraction of grafts should be done meticulously without causing them any damage. In FUE techniques, the grafts are extracted one by one.
  6. The extracted hair grafts are prepared for transplant.
  7. Storing harvested grafts in good condition: The harvested grafts are preserved in a storage solution for optimal results. Once all the hair follicles are extracted, then the implantation process is conducted. So, at Design Hair Transplant, our teams perform the FUE method after eliminating all the hair follicles carefully without causing any damage to them.
  8. Placement of Hair Follicles: It is another crucial step as the outcome of the hair transplant surgery will be largely dependent on how the grafts are placed. The angle, direction, and alignment of the hair follicles during the implantation process are done correctly by our team for achieving successful and laudable hair results. The surgeon will cleanse, mark, and numb the recipient area with local anesthesia. Once the recipient site is numbed, the surgeon will transplant the hair grafts into the recipient site.
  9. The results of hair transplant surgery: enhance your appearance and self-confidence.

Notes: The patient should rest for 3 days after surgery. The next process is the hair washing stage. An application on how to do it will be shown or practiced by our experts. After 10 days, the patient’s head is crusted. Almost all of the hair is falling out. After shedding, the hair grows back on its own for up to 6 months. The whole process is completed at the end of 1 year.

What are the advantages of this procedure?

There are numerous benefits of FUE Hair Transplant:
• It doesn’t leave noticeable and long-lasting scars on your recipient and donor area.
• It has a fast healing and recovery process.
• FUE hair transplant is a one-time effective surgery.
• It has long-lasting and natural results.

What are the risks of this procedure?

There is no risk when it is done by an experienced team; on the contrary; it is a procedure that adds self-confidence to the patient.

Is this process painful or uncomfortable?

The painful part lasts for the first 5 minutes, and the operation phase is a pleasant and comfortable process.

How long is the process? How many hours, 1 to 2 days or more?

The operation varies according to the number of roots to be transplanted. On average, this period takes 6-8 hours.

What type of anesthesia do you apply?

Local anesthesia is applied.

How long is the recovery?

Depending on the person, the average recovery time takes 10-12 days.

When can they expect to see actual results?

The patient sees that the transplanted hair grows back after 4 months.

What does the process package include: Hospital cost, procedure, vitamins, hair products, etc.?

Medicines to be used by the patient, shampoo, hair lotion, and one PRP (hair vitamin) are included in the transaction fee.

What are the pre and post-care instructions?

The patient can optionally use hair vitamins.

Travel Arrangements

Are there any restrictions, curfew, guidelines due to Covid-19 that travelers need to be aware of before traveling?

There is no curfew for tourists. There are no restrictions.

How long should patients stay in the country?

For hair transplant surgery, the patient should stay in Turkey for 3 days.

What are the hotels that you usually book the patients in? Names and addresses?

VOLLEY Hotel Istanbul, Adress: Barbaros, Seyit Ahmet Deresi Street. No:5 Block:2, Post Code: 34662 Üsküdar /İstanbul / Turkey

Are meals included in the package?

Meals are not included in the package. Only breakfast can be included in the package.

Who provides the transportation? Who or what company picks them up?

We provide transportation ourselves with vito-type comfortable vehicles.

Is there any extra cost that we should let our clients know ahead of time?

If the patient requests an extra hair vitamin application, they pay an extra fee.

Is the travel insurance included, or do the patients have to get it themselves?

The patient themself must purchase travel insurance and a flight ticket.

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