Hair Transplantation Service with CSTAR International

Have you thought about getting a hair transplant before but were put off by the high cost in the US?

Do you want to get a hair transplant but are not sure where to start?

CSTAR International has the answer! Let us help you get the hair of your dreams with our Hair Transplantation Service in Turkey.

Save money without sacrificing quality by traveling overseas to get your procedure done!


Stay In a Luxury Hotel!

Your package includes a stay in a luxury hotel with all the modern ammenities.


Included In Your Package

We provide comfortable transportation for you from the airport pickup to all your clinic transfers.

The Facility

Enjoy a Modern State of the Art Clinic

The highly-rated Okan University Hospital Acıbadem Polyclinic was originally established as a high-quality leader of outpatient services. Rest easy knowing this clinic is full of cutting-edge technology and has everything you need for your procedure.

When you decide to have hair transplant surgery in Turkey with CSTAR International, you can expect to stay in the country for at least 3 days. Your procedure will be done at the modern and cutting-edge Okan University Hospital Acıbadem Polyclinic.

Your package offer includes:

  • Transportation (excluding flight expenses)
  • Accommodation
  • Surgery and post-operative wash supplies (shampoo and lotion)
  • 1 hair vitamin PRP application
  • All necessary tests needed for the procedure

With Packages starting at $2500, there is no time like the present to start your journey! Get your free consultation today.


FUE Hair TreatmentHair transplantation is a plastic or dermatological procedure. It is scientifically known as organ transplantation.  When you decide to work with CSTAR International on a hair transplant procedure, the techniques that will be used are either the FUE technique or the Sapphire technique.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique is a hair transplant method in which the doctor extracts the follicular units of hair from the donor area of the patient’s head. In the Fue technique, a comfortable procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

Sapphire FUE; is the name of the technique used for opening the micro-channels in hair transplantation. The micro-channels are opened with sapphire blades obtained from natural sapphire crystals. It is a method that does not damage the skin tissue. Since less damage is done to the tissue in hair transplantation with sapphire, the bleeding is less and the recovery time is faster.

Benefits & Risks

There are numerous benefits of FUE Hair Transplant:

• It doesn’t leave noticeable and long-lasting scars on your recipient and donor area.
• It has a fast healing and recovery process.
• FUE hair transplant is a one-time effective surgery.
• It has long-lasting and natural results.

What are the risks of this procedure?

There is no risk when it is done by an experienced team; on the contrary; it is a procedure that adds self-confidence to the patient.

The Procedure and Process

Is hair transplantation painful or uncomfortable?

The painful part lasts for the first 5 minutes, and the operation phase is a pleasant and comfortable process.

How long is the process? How many hours, 1 to 2 days or more?

The operation varies according to the number of roots to be transplanted. On average, this period takes 6-8 hours.

What type of anesthesia do you apply?

Local anesthesia is applied.

How long is the recovery?

Depending on the person, the average recovery time takes 10-12 days.

When can they expect to see actual results?

The patient sees that the transplanted hair grows back after 4 months.