$399 CSTAR Companionship Package

$399 CSTAR Companionship Package


The CSTAR Companionship Package is our companionship package that includes 4 visits where we accompany you on the various appointments you have while in the foreign country. For now, this is available in the Dominican Republic only.

Read everything included and frequently asked questions below.

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What’s included?

  • Includes 4 visits where we accompany you on the various appointments you have while in the foreign country. For now, this is available in the Dominican Republic only.
  • We will meet you either at the recovery facility or clinic where you have your analytics done.
  • We will accompany you to your exams, doctor consultation, day of surgery, and day before your departure from the country. We can help to translate, help fill out paperwork, and provide general support while in the county.
  • We can communicate with your family to keep them informed of your progress on the date of your surgery

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

What package should I pick?
You should choose which package fits your needs the best. We understand that you may not want a facilitator to plan your entire trip. So, please choose based on your needs.

Am I paying for more than quotes?
Yes, we are the individuals located here in the United States that will personally investigate and review the surgeons’ credentials and certifications for you, speak with the surgeons to show them your photos & information, and explain the details of your needs to receive proper quotes and the doctors’ recommendations on your behalf. With our VIP package, you receive our services to book every part of your trip, stay, and aftercare.

Is package payment added towards the balance of the procedure?
Yes, partially. All Packages above the $499 package include the $600 deposit and part of this goes towards your total with the doctor. The 2 lower packages will need to pay in addition to the package price to equal the total deposit needed to get started. Be aware that the deposit needed may be more than $600 for certain surgeries. 

How do we pay?
Start by purchasing your desired package on our website.  Once you choose the package, that includes your deposit to hold your spot with the doctor. (Not refundable) For your surgery balance, you will be invoiced and have the ability to pay the invoice online with your Debit/Credit Card, and/or Checking Accounts.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

  1. If you purchase a package and then cancel before any work is done on our part, the full package price is refundable.
  2. If we have started to process your order and worked to get you quotes, but you have not finalized a date to go, then you can be refunded the package price minus $150 for our work.
  3. If we have everything set and your date is finalized with all parties, then you receive back the package price minus the non-refundable deposits used to book your procedures, stays, and services, and our fees.  (Our fees are different depending on the package you choose. Contact us to learn more about the specific fee for the package you are interested in.)

How long does the process take?
This depends on when your payment is made. We typically provide responses and quotes within 24 to 72 hours after payment is made. For planning and VIP services we may need a few more days to ensure everything is properly booked and scheduled.

Is there a discount available?
In some cases where patients travel in groups, we offer group discounts. Just ask one of our representatives for more information.

Additional information

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