Are You Ready For Surgery Overseas?

Are You Ready For Surgery Overseas?



Are you ready for surgery overseas? Find out with CSTAR International’s useful guide.

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Are You Ready For Surgery Overseas? The 90-Day Guide

Do you need surgery that you can’t get at home?

Are you looking for dental or cosmetic treatment and getting it abroad is the best option?

This book will help you understand the processes!

Sometimes, when we need or want surgery the options at home aren’t good enough, waiting times may be too long or it may simply be too expensive. Quality treatment abroad, which can sometimes be a fraction of the price, can be a tempting prospect but obviously, there are many pitfalls and potential dangers involved in it, which is why you need to be properly prepared before you make any decisions about the treatment you want.

This book, Are You Ready For Surgery Overseas: The 90 Day Guide, sets out to prepare you for your procedure, with chapters that cover:

  • The mental preparation
  • Pre and post-op dieting
  • Planning for the financial side of things
  • Using a coordinator to assist you
  • Managing your BMI
  • Maintaining the results
  • Exercising after surgery
  • And lots more…

Using top advice from professional surgical coordinators who have extensive experience in helping clients get the very best treatment available, Are You Ready For Surgery Overseas is the perfect book not only to get you surgery-ready but for the recovery period too.

If you are thinking about having a surgical procedure done abroad but don’t know where to start, get a copy of this book now and make sure you are as prepared for it as you can be.



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